Friday, June 03, 2011

MISC - Miscellaneous

Useful Links: SEO, Web Maketing and Online Tools: Links to SEO and Web Tools related websites. A categorized list of useful websites and free online tools & services. The best useful links on the internet and contains good material to refer.

Funny Geeky Technical T-Shirt Quotes: Funny, geeky and nerdy technical t-shirts quotes that will make people laugh. Get these T-Shirt printed for your own and spread the joy all around you...

Funny T-Shirt Quotes: Funny t-shirts with humorous quotes are featured along with famous sayings, slogans, and jokes that people will appreciate. Famous quotes on funny t-shirts are featured along with famous sayings.

Funny Photos and Pictures: Funny photos and funny pictures of people, animals and other stuffs. Nice cool and cute pictures collection. A collection of some funny photos I have found over the internet. Pictures which speaks for themselves.

Sarcastic One Liners: A small collection of the most funniest and sarcastic one liners on the web. Read it - enjoy it - share it.

My Search Story: Joydeep Deb Search Story on Youtube. Check out my Google Youtube Search Story. Video duration only 35 seconds...

My Project(s): List of few of the projects Joydeep have worked on over past years. Oracle, MetricStream Inc., ComplianceOnline, ING Vysya Foundation, VisitIndia 360.